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10 Beauty tips, secrets and tricks from Victoria’s Secret models Every year since 1985, some of the world most beautiful models have gathered together to appear in what has become the world best known fashion show.

He also says that the only time she uses a blow dryer on her hair is on the days that she is working.3.Keep lips well hydrated Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always has beautiful, soft looking lips and she says that she keeps them looking that way by exfoliating them regularly and keeping them well hydrated.Her tip is to use a lip scrub regularly and using a lip ointment daily.If she ever finds herself without any lip scrub, she gently rubs her lips with a towel to remove any dead skin.4.Stay fresh with rosewater Behati Prinsloo says she never goes anywhere without a bottle of rosewater in her bag.She uses it to freshen and rehydrate her skin, which is especially useful when she’s travelling.It balances out the PH off her skin and it brings back the natural tone.The other great thing about rosewater, she says, is that you can use it any time and it won’t ruin your makeup.5.Use lip balm on your cheeks Bregje Heinen has a couple of beauty secrets to share with us.Firstly, her two main tips for daily beauty care are to always moisturise, and always take care of your eyebrows by filling in any sparse patches, which helps to define your face.She also says that a touch of lip balm on your cheeks will help to give you a healthy looking glow.6.

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