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Updating server list

This is what I have to do to keep the Guild Lists updated for each server and the All Server List.

If you need to actually see one of our members, we could arrange to have someone meet you in market rather than hunting out one of our members like this.

You also appear to know how to use the chat channels, so if there is a chat channel you use for this or you wanted to set one up I could inform the officers of Kaos to provide you with updates when we level.

Seems like it'd be easier to just talk to one of us when you need an update rather than run around all of Eberron looking for a member of our guild. You could just send an in game mail or tell to Toeree, Arienn, or Drakenocas to get an update of our current guild level.

I am the co-leader and successor for the guild Kaos. All three of us are aware of this forum thread and would gladly provide you with information you need for it's upkeep.

Seems like it'd be easier to just talk to one of us when you need an update rather than run around all of Eberron looking for a member of our guild.

Kao S has been one of the easier guilds to check on, I'm not running round the instances just to check on any one guild - It allows me to check multiple at the same time, Then I start sending tells to those that weren't out in the open when I made my run through the instances.I do get notifications here on the forum from people telling me their guilds have levelled pretty regularly some people reply to the threads themselves with updates BUT these are mainly single guild updates just for their own guilds and this video was in hope that I could get some people on each server looking out for guilds levelling as they played so they could send me updates that would mean I could maintain more accurate lists.There are a few guilds on each server that are very rarely online when I log in to check that server - On Khyber for instance I haven't seen Fairie Tail in about a year now .Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. Like any other software, an operating system needs to be updated.Updates are required not only because of the new hardware coming into the market, but also for improving the overall performance and taking care of security issues. One is called the incremental update, and the other is the major update.In the incremental updates, components of the operating system undergo minor modifications.Such modifications are usually informed to users over the net.Users can download and install the modifications serially using the update managing software.However, some major modifications require so many changes involving several packages simultaneously, it becomes rather complicated to accomplish serially over the net.

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