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The professional bachelor dating guide

As a youth, I was less about "dating" girls than I was about "loitering sort of near girls and then wandering away pretending I was just passing by when they noticed me".

What every women truly wants, whether in the bedroom, the dining room, or just kicking back in front of the latest Netflix hit, is to be surrounded by hundreds, or if possible thousands, of candles.The gentle, forgiving caress of candlelight on her skin is guaranteed to put her in the mood for love, producing as it does the perfect mixture of soft illumination, romantic ambience, and severe fire risk that gets the adrenalin pumping. No woman wants a doormat: or rather, lots of women want doormats, but only in the literal sense.What no woman wants is a man who acts like a doormat, who'll let her walk all over him.Today's strong, confident, modern, helter-skelter, wifi-connected lady will only fall for a man who challenges her. Well, there are lots of ways: you could challenge her to take part in a professional photo shoot, competing against other women to see who's the best at having her photo taken.Or you could challenge her to work at a daycare centre with some other women to see who's the best at looking after children. Dinner and a movie gets pretty dull pretty quickly, so to keep her attention and make her believe in you as a truly romantic gentleman, you're going to have to work hard to come up with new and interesting ideas for date night.Beach volleyball, obstacle courses, mountain biking: there are myriad things you can challenge a woman to, in order to make her realise what an enriching life partner you'll be. For example, you might like to take her for a picnic on the beach, with a full camera crew accompanying you to record the magic.Or why not try a romantic twilight flight over the city in a hot-air balloon, with a camera crew in the basket with you to make sure you remember every moment? Why not let her know how well she's done with a little token of your gratitude?Give your romantic dinner some extra "spice" by dining on top of a mountain! It might seem hard to come up with new date ideas all the time, but once you apply yourself, you'll find the possibilities are endless. The traditional way of doing this is by giving the woman a rose, but you don't have to be a slave to tradition: you could give her a box of chocolates, or a porcelain rabbit, or a warm chicken sandwich.Horse riding in the bush with a camera crew; a limo ride to the theatre with a camera crew; an intimate meal on a luxurious boat cruising down the river, alongside the camera crew's boat. Hell, you could even just give her a nice friendly kiss on the cheek - the important thing is that she knows you appreciate her, and that she remains one of the women who you have not ruled out forming a relationship with (see Tip One). It's important for two people starting a life together to have common interests, but your interests will be a lot more common if you avoid the particulars.Your relationship will be a never-ending adventure! Does she enjoy the outdoors, physical activity, and having fun? Nothing kills the mystery that is essential to any erotic escapade faster than boring inquiries into exactly what kind of physical activity she enjoys, or what specific genre of music she listens to, or how many children, precisely, she has.If you find yourself running out of ideas, ask the camera crew if they've got any - they'll be happy to help! The important thing is that you and she have a connection.

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