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Steve jobs apple backdating

As with much of Gibney's previous work, the film is less celebration than portrait of a living contradiction—a man who, as Gibney puts it in the film's narration, was an "artist who sought perfection but could never find peace," who had "the focus of a monk, but never the empathy," a person who "offered us freedom, but only within a closed garden to which he held the key." in a bowling alley and immediately figured out a way to build his own version using a TV. While Woz created the game just for fun, Steve Jobs saw it as an opportunity."Steve came back from Reed College and saw that I had built my own game. He went down and he showed them the board and he wound up with a job." Atari founder Nolan Bushnell was impressed.

So he made the decision to put Jobs on the night shift, figuring that was one way to get "two Steves for the price of one." Bushnell put Jobs on creating a new game for the company, , and gave him four days to do it.

Woz recalls how the two of them spent four straight days working on this seemingly impossible deadline, which they somehow managed to make. "If he had said, 'I need the money,' I would have said, 'Take it all.' I was just happy to be on the project." In the summer of 1980, it became clear that Apple's IPO was going to launch in the immediate future.

Impressed with the work, Jobs told Woz that they got paid $700 for their efforts and wrote him a check for $350. Which meant that Jobs' net worth would likely skyrocket from $10 million to around $200 million.

Jobs used this time to reinvent himself and his company, which meant getting rid of a few key contributors.

While Woz left with a generous stock package and lifetime stipend, Daniel Kottke—Jobs' longtime friend and one of Apple's first employees—wasn't so lucky.

When an apple executive offered to give Kottke the same amount of stock that Jobs would give him, Jobs responded: "Fine.I'll give him zero."Jobs' reinvention went beyond his professional life.In an attempt to streamline his personal life, Jobs denied paternity of Lisa, his daughter with Chrisann Brennan, who was born on May 17, 1978.In a series of court documents filed in August of 1979, Jobs alleged that Brennan had a number of sexual partners during the time she became pregnant.As further proof that he was not the father of Lisa, Jobs claimed that "he was sterile and infertile, and, as a result thereof, did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child." (Jobs would go on to have three more children with Laurene Powell, his wife of 20 years.)In 1986, Esquire writer Joseph Nocera was invited to spend a week shadowing Jobs, from which emerged one of the of the then-31-year-old entrepreneur as he was ramping up for his post-Apple venture, Ne XT.It also gave Nocera a firsthand account of how well Jobs played with his colleagues. "If it was in a meeting and somebody said, 'Here's a great idea,' and put the idea out there and he didn't like it, he'd just chop the person into mincemeat," Nocera says."Steve ruled by a kind of a chaos," explains Bob Belleville, who served as Apple's director of engineering from 1982 to 1985."And if you're comfortable with chaos, you can use it as a tool.And he used a vast number of really irritating tools to get people involved in his schemes.He's seducing you, he's vilifying you, and he's ignoring you.You're in one of those three states."The easiest way to identify Steve Jobs—at least on the road—was by his lack of identification.

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