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Sims 2 nightlife dating

After going to college with the first expansion pack for last year's blockbuster game The Sims 2, EA and Maxis are setting their sights on going downtown with The Sims 2 Nightlife.

As it is right now, it's not too hard to get sims to go from complete strangers to engaged in just a day or two of game time.

Will you stretch this out a bit in Nightlife to make the courting ritual more of a challenge?

Will you need to work harder to woo a potential partner?

Tim Le Tourneau: It's true that experienced players can speed through the relationship game in a couple days, provided all the conditions are right.

What we've done here is make some aspects of the relationship game easier if the conditions are really right--if the sims are attracted to each other, and the player is focused on making sure a date goes well.

With each expansion we add a lot of new gameplay, and that new gameplay takes time out of a sim's limited life span, so we have to find new strategies that allow players to get through parts of the game more quickly so they have time for all the new stuff.To make it challenging for the hardcore players, we added a lot of rewards to the dating game, so mediocre dates won't be that hard to achieve, but "dream dates" will take some work. TL: You kind of hit a lot of it in the question--you've been doing your homework. I've had a blast just designing what mine look like--there are so many different choices.The fact that dates are scored, have strategic challenges, and, most importantly, have rewards make it a whole new dating game from anything we've done before. Also, I can't wait for people to see the sims doing "The Smustle" together.GS: Will we see a return of the bar mechanics from the Hot Date expansion? Other fun stuff includes the poker table (one of my favorite new objects) and the karaoke machine.In other words, can you go stand at a bar and try to pick up other sims using moves that are exclusive to the bar, like ordering someone a drink? You can't help but laugh when you see a low-creativity-skill sim sing his or her heart out badly.TL: There are some bar moves like ordering drinks, but not like Hot Date. So whether it's a date, a boys' or girls' night out, or an evening of family fun with the kids, there are a lot of really fun things to do and experience.Romantic interactions are spread all over the place. GS: In our previous Q&A, we learned about the new date score, which measures the wants and fears of both your sim and his or her date and displays the score as a meter onscreen.A lot of the moves are on the dance floor and in the booths, and even in the cars. How does the new date score improve the dating system?Aren't you simply just doing the things you were doing before, like giving lots of hugs and kisses to work your way up to a romantic crush or more?Or is it more like when you're giving a schoolmaster a tour of your house in The Sims 2, and you're trying to keep him impressed so you can get in?TL: It's not just about romantic socials, it's about having fun, both for you and your date, or all the folks in your group.

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