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Setup validating form

Manual HTML form validation can be a time-consuming exercise in frustration, however the j Query.validate makes it fast and painless, while still allowing powerful custom validation rules, and can easily be adapted to your CSS framework, in this case Bootstrap.

I'll dive deeper in how you can go about determining demand with as little effort as possible using a landing page.I've learned the hard way building products and businesses myself; Spending time, money and energy building a vision or product that in the end no one wanted.I was determined to figure out how to save my self and others from running down this same dead path.I too read all the top blogs and books’ (feel free to comment here on books that have been helpful for you) but nothing beats actually conducting customer interviews, and setting up landing page experiments.I finally was able to actually learn about demand for business or product ideas.I've been taking my validation skills to the next level with the team at, where we work with founders and Fortune 500 companies to validate and invalidate business and product ideas.Talking to people and potential customers is useful for learning but not validating.To validate your idea you need really need both acquisition and activation data.These are the first two metrics that matter when determining whether you have a product or business.Acquiring users through advertising channels and activating or converting them shows real validation.Because building a landing page requires less effort than starting a business or building a product, this can be an easier way to validate or invalidate an idea.

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