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School festival dating sim otome game

Soon, they make a bet that if she can find out who he is, he'll give her the item back.

You get to choose between three guys, Travis, Shiro, and Derek.

The game is classified as an Otome Game, but to get the romantic relationships with the boys, you may need help from the walkthrough ...

A better game review - White Butterfly DOWNLOAD RE: Alistair .....

I was looking for something around the same lines and discovered the joy that was Dating Sim games.

Those led me to finally try Visual Novels and other titles under the frilly Otome Umbrella, and now they’re a normal part of my game library.

Everyone always takes the time to tell me the games are “weird” but it’s hard to hear them over my Romantic Choose-Your-Own Adventure.

This series will take the time to review Otome-style games.

The Saturday posts will still be happening though, never you mind.

But, today, we’re starting with a name that should ring a bell to any like myself: Pacthesis.

Also known as “Amy” on Deviantart, Pacthesis has built a name for herself by making different Dating Sim games for free both there and on Newgrounds.

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