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Rumer willis dating zac efron

At the beginning of 2006, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were cute teenagers no one would stop on the street.

The franchise spawned two sequels, the last of which was released in theaters and still holds the record for biggest opening weekend box-office for a musical, earning more than $80 million worldwide.

For a rabid pop-culture audience, the “High School Musical” phenomenon was made all the more irresistible because the onscreen Romeo and Juliet, Efron and Hudgens — a k a “Zanessa” — were lovebirds offscreen as well. In April 2009, six months after the last film’s release, Efron was hosting “Saturday Night Live.” He’d diversified his career, starring in charming comedies (“Hairspray”) and interesting dramas (“Me and Orson Welles”) alike.

Hudgens had graced the covers of countless fashion magazines and won favorable reviews for the music comedy “Bandslam.” After making their name as high-school students, they were poised for a bright future.

But, as with so many twentysomethings trying to figure it all out, things didn’t go quite as planned. Efron and Hudgens are both returning with intriguing projects.

In 2010, the pair broke up and took on critically reviled movies like “Charlie St. Scandals arose left and right — nude photo leaks (her), drug rehab (him). Hudgens, 25, stars in the gritty drama “Gimme Shelter,” in theaters now, for which she transformed herself by chopping off her hair and gaining 15 pounds to play a 16-year-old pregnant runaway.

“This one was definitely the big jump of faith,” she tells The Post.

“I was a little nervous, but somewhere deep inside me, I had such reassurance it would be okay and that I could do it.” Efron, 26, produced and stars in “That Awkward Moment,” out this Friday, which flips the rom-com genre on its head, following three guys (including Michael B.

Jordan and Miles Teller) as they navigate friendships and relationships.

While Efron’s attempts to go darker and more grown-up have gone largely unnoticed — not much was made of last year’s “At Any Price” or “Parkland,” and the Lee Daniels-directed “The Paperboy” ended up sounding much better on paper — “That Awkward Moment” finds the actor looking the most comfortable he has in years.

“[‘That Awkward Moment’] is the perspective of three young guys, getting through life,” Efron tells The Post (in an interview separate from Hudgens).

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