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Pastor looking for pastor dating

Sometimes, I just love finding how people find my blog.

Someone was listed because they Googled the question "What kind of woman does a pastor fall in love with?

" I don't know if this person stopped to look around, it was one of those hits that says "" and I still haven't figured out why I get so many of those (really, I don't bite...well, not hard and only when I have PMS). Rebellious Pastor's Wife isn't here right now to ask but I have heard a few criteria over the past 15 or so years....

Pastor looking for pastor dating Streaming adult webcam chatrooms

However, I LOVE to read, laugh, cuddle, and I was much more impressed that the skinny-guy-with-glasses-who-won-my-heart could tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue than I was that he was a seminarian.So, basically, I got myself in this mess by just being me..if you happen to get yourself in the same sort of mess by just being you, then it is a very good thing.If you are trying to snare yourself a man of the cloth, my question is....."why on God's green earth would you be LOOKING for this kind of trouble???" But I'd love to hear from others...pastors and pastor's wives.What was on the list for qualifications for a life-long parsonage mate?(and, of course, answers could be serious, or tongue in cheek.I'm not sure what my attempt at this question is.) (and why does this dumb thing switch from double-spaced to single-spaced all the time???Recently, I did an article on “7 Women Pastors Need to Watch Out For.” Someone who just read it wanted to know why we put the blame on the women when pastors are more likely to be the sexual predator.“Google that,” she suggested, “and see for yourself.” My only defense is that in the body of the article, we said, “Sometimes women are the victims; sometimes they are the victimizers.” However, my critic is correct. I’ve known more than one pastor who was a sexual predator.And if it makes readers feel any better, every one of them is out of the ministry now. It’s how life works.)So, what follows is meant for young ministers, in particular, who have not been snared in the lust trap and wish to make sure they aren’t.

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