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Neil and sabra dating

Lacey Schwimmer and Hok Konishi, two contestants from So You Think You Can Dance 3, are dating.

Lacey confirmed their relationship to Access Hollywood, although reluctantly.

And the show actually eliminated people, starting at the one-hour mark.First out was Lacey Schwimmer, sister of last year’s winner, Benji. And completely out of it was Paula Abdul, who was in the audience, waving crazily as usual. Why don’t we bide our time with a hotness list commemorating the foxy men on this damn show? I have to tell you, this was a difficult list to contrive, and I ended up picking three dudes from one season to top this chart. Robert Roldan Though season seven was peppered with injuries and the lingering non-presence of Mary Murphy, we were placated by third-place competitor Robert Roldan, who I still affectionately dub “gay porn Aladdin.” Come on, that guy looks hand-drawn!The fact is, dance, movement, and grace are naturally sexy, and therefore most men from the show could qualify here. His winning smile, versatile dancing, and peppy attitude were unmistakable. Pasha Kovalev Season-three starter and show mainstay Pasha is… I cannot help but adore his uber-confident strides, Johnny Bravo posture, and killer bod.(Secret: I generally dug Mia Michaels on the panel.) 8. I personally vote him as the single sexiest in the show’s history too. Neil Haskell Classic, all-American, Aaron Carter-gone-right looks aren’t necessarily my thing — but the effervescent, ineffably pictureseque Neil Haskell is hot enough to make me believe in the power of trusty old blondness and buffness.t Witch The unforgettable (and oft-reappearing) t Witch was a thundering, hard-stepping god in season 4. Mark Kanemura The gorgeous season four vet hailed from Hawaii, and in case you’re not sure his spellbinding hots are well-celebrated, follow his popular Twitter, read the tumblr “F*ck Yeah! Danny Tidwell The season three fighter survived several weeks of bottom-three placement before vaulting ahead in the advanced rounds, eventually finishing in second behind winner Sabra. When he’s catching his partner in those taut, topaz-complected arms, I swoon and go silent. Is it bizarre that my top three picks are from the third season?It helps that he appeared in my favorite routine of all time, which we’ll get to later in the list. Mark Kanemura,” or to look to Lady Gaga’s right during her live performances. Alex Wong The injured holy child of season seven gave us a handful of fantastic performances: He had his own Jeff Buckley triumph set to “Hallelujah” (which was a little literal, but still, fab), a thrilling ballet piece, and my favorite performance ever — his hip-hop duet with t Witch. That’s probably him in a fetching, yet masculine skirt jiving alongside her. Marko Germar Who could forget last year’s third-place finisher Marko and his kickass contemporary routine with Allison Holker set to that Jeff Buckley song? Also salient: Who could forget his adorable smile, fresh face, and that still lodged in his shoulder? Blake Mc Grath Almost every first season of a reality series features an overly cocky contestant who fizzles out before his time thanks to attitudinal issues. Bisexual Canadian Blake Mc Grath qualifies: He was elitist and entitled (remember when he brought his dog to the advanced stages of auditioning? So as I mentioned in the poll earlier today, Sabra Johnson is America's favorite dancer.The 20-year-old dancer got the biggest share of the 16 million votes cast after this week's performance show on "So You Think You Can Dance," netting her 0,000.

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