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Dombivli is a city in the Thane District of Maharashtra state in Konkan division, located about 48 km from Mumbai CST and is a part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Dombivli is served by Mumbai Suburban railway network, i.e.

The population of the Kalyan-Dombivli City at the 2011 census counted to 1,246,381 (52% males and 48% females). It has an average elevation of 13.534 metres (44.403 feet). it lies on the main line of the central section of Mumbai suburban railway network.

Existence of Dombivli can also be traced back approximately in the year 1730 during the Peshwa rule.In the 19th century, farmers cultivated paddy and sold it in the areas from Kalyan to Mumbai.Dombivli is surrounded by the ruins from the following villages.Chole village, Thakurli (E) Ayre village towards East, Patharli village towards South, and Thakurli East towards North Dombivli witnessed the residence of many remarkable people incl. Manohar Govind Mokashi, a freedom fighter, and the founder member of "Rashtriya Shikshan Sanstha" and chief promoter of Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd..Unclear of how the city got her name, some historians believe that the stringent caste system, then prevailing in India gave Dombivli her identity.During the 14th century, Thakurs lived in an area called “Thakurli” today, whereas “Patharwats” lived in today's “Patharli”.Lower caste people or “Dombas” (performed the last Hindu rites of cremating the dead) lived in “Dombivli”.Since “Dombas” was amongst such sub castes so it is believed that the presence of these settlers at the place gave this town its present-day name “Dombivli”.The Khidkaleshwar Temple located at Shil-phata Road, dating back to 17th Century AD, dedicated to Lord Shiva was built by the Pandavas during their Aranyavasam.The shrine is surrounded by the Khidkali Lake and the localites feed bread to tortoises and fishes breeding in this lake.Temple Trustee of the Khidkaleshwar Temple organizes fairs on the eve of Maha Shivratri which attracts devotees from far off places.

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