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Libra man dating scorpio woman

Libra and Scorpio are respectively the seventh and eighth signs of the zodiac calendar.However despite the proximity in position, the signs barely share any similarity as far as personal traits and priorities are concerned.

Their intense natures compel the Scorpion to surrender body and soul to a partner but at the same time they expect wholehearted involvement from the other side.

The Libra in turn is not comfortable with such an overwhelming sense of belonging.

Thus to Scorpio, it might seem like their Libra partner is avoiding commitment while in reality the Libra likes to have everything in proportion and would most probably shy away from any kind of emotional excess.

The key to any possible success for the Libra-Scorpio compatibility lies in each using their individual traits to support the other in the relationship.

If the Libra can attempt a deeper emotional connection while the Scorpio makes greater allowances for the formers’ fastidious natures, then the couple might be able to find the right balance in their emotional lives.

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