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Few know that Ky-mani means Traveler, and he loves to travel.That is why Ky-mani is now part of the Fan Key community.

She is the singer’s youngest child, but she did not grow up with or around any of her half siblings.

She attended high school and college in Pennsylvania and currently resides in the Philadelphia area.

His name is of East African origin, and means "Adventurous Traveler".

He is the only child of Bob Marley with Anita Belnavis, a Jamaican table tennis champion.

Ky-Mani was born in Falmouth, Jamaica, but at the age of nine, he relocated to the inner-city of Miami .

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During his youth, Ky-Mani was unaware of his musical abilities, sports being his first love.

With his mother's direction, he took piano and guitar lessons and played trumpet in his high school band.

In addition to tapping into his musical talents, Ky-Mani was an athlete, competing in soccer and American football.

As a teenager, Ky-Mani started rapping and deejaying; his first single was "Unnecessary Badness".

He became inspired as a singer after being asked to sing a hook to a song during a recording session at a studio in Miami.

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