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Grand theft auto 4 dating guide

Soon after completing the “Jamaican Heat” mission in Roman's mission line, you'll get a call from Little Jacob. Make your way to the ‘LJ' symbol on the radar and hit the marker there to get started.

Get in the car with Jacob and start towards the marker on your radar.

If they weren't all killed by the impact, step out of your car and kill off any of the remaining dealers.

When all three of the dealers have been dealt with, get back in the car and pick up Jacob. When you reach the place, step out of the car and follow Jacob up the stairs.

Take cover to the left of the door and wait for Jacob to breach the place.

There are several more drug dealers inside; take out the ones visible through the doorway, then move over to the window to the left of the door and gun down the shotgun-wielding dealer.

Afterwards, follow Jacob inside and take cover behind the couch.

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Kill off the remaining drug dealers and then pick up any ammo left behind.Use the health pack on the kitchen table to patch yourself up before returning to the car.Drive Jacob back to the Homebrew Café in Shottler to complete the mission This mission becomes available after the completion of “Do you have Protection? After the cutscene, get yourself some wheels and make your way to South Bohan.You'll need to use the East Borough Bridge at the northwest end of Broker to reach Bohan.Be sure to slow down at the toll booth to pay the fine once on the bridge, otherwise you will attract attention from the authorities. When the dealer walks out into the street, step out of your vehicle and start following him on-foot.Do not sprint at all, as doing so may alert him to your presence.The dealer will eventually reach an apartment block; follow him inside and up the stairs until you reach the suppliers' room.There are three guys in the room, and all three must be eliminated.You can take cover to the right of the door if you wish, but you'll have to periodically shoot it to keep it open.Kill the dealer and two suppliers to complete the mission. ^^^^ when you get into the boat chase dimitri's helicopter at full speed until you see jacob's helicopter coming in at full speed head towards jacob's chopper and when you get close enough there is a cutscene which shows you niko getting onto jacobs chopper after that you follow dimitri in the chopper until jacob shoots down dimitris chopper and then you get the chance to kill him im stuck on a certain mission, its 1 of lil jacobs jobs..

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