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If you’d like to give us a try, we’d be delighted to have you as a member.Kirstie Allsopp was told to stop calling people 'darling' while working on Location Location Location because it is considered sexual harassment by her TV bosses, the star revealed today.The Channel 4 presenter, 46, was left furious by the 'ridiculous edict' claiming it 'belittles' genuinely sexist, racist and other discriminatory language.Her co-star Phil Spencer, 48, also revealed repeats of their property show have been re-edited to cut out his 'silly jokes' including a sequence where Kirstie climbed a ladder and he looked up her skirt.Kirstie has used the diversity document sent to her by a production company as an example of this over-zealous approach to workplace banter.She said: 'It said that use of affectionate terms such as "darling" will constitute sexual harassment.I said: "This is ridiculous."She added: 'It’s belittling an incredibly important document about disability language, sexist language, racist language.That’s what frustrates me about this whole debate'.Kirstie said that banter at work should not be confused by the sexual harassment, abuse and bullying alleged to be carried out by powerful men including Harvey Weinstein.She told The Times: 'It’s really important that anyone who has been in a compromising situation in the workplace where they feel unhappy and bullied should be able to stick their hand up.Phil making a silly comment about looking up my skirt is not that.'There is a difference and we all need to know the difference.

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