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Ariana Grande has become the latest high-profile woman to tackle the double standards in attitudes towards how male and female sexuality is expressed, after receiving a comment from a ‘fan’ who used the word “wh**e” when giving his views on her latest music video.

A woman's right to express her sexuality in whichever way she pleases without being accused of demeaning herself has been championed by a number of high-profile women of late.

Most recently it was spurred by the controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian-West’s nude selfie.

The body-shaming and slut-shaming - it’s like, enough is enough.

I will not live my life dictated by the issues you have with my sexuality.” Her call was supported by model Emily Ratajkowski who previously penned a letter calling for the right for women to have a space to be sexual away from being demeaned by “society’s gaze”.

Grande’s comment comes after she shared the visual video for latest song "Dangerous Woman" at the end of March on Facebook. Last year she wrote an open letter explaining her frustration at the derogatory labels women get called when discussing sex compared to the positive ones given to men.

A commenter then wrote: “Ariana, all respect, but dangerous woman I loved but the trouble is that the video salts like a wh**e! sorry for the rudeness, I only just said the truth…

SORRY.” Nine days later, Grande proved she wasn’t going to take the comment, which was one of over 2,000, lying down.

“When will people stop being offended by women showing skin/ expressing sexuality? “Men take their shirts off/express their sexuality on stage, in videos, on Instagram, anywhere they want to… Photos of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller kissing emerged on Tuesday. Grande went on to have serious relationships with Jai Brooks and Big Sean. Grande and Miller have been friends for years, and he’s featured on the singer’s breakout song, “The Way.” Miller actually co-wrote the 2013 single, and the music video stars them as a couple. But things seemed largely platonic during the three years since.Most recently, the pop star was dating one of her backup dancers, Ricky Alvarez.The pair split in late July, however, and rumors of a romance between Grande and Miller heated up over the last few weeks, particularly as he was featured on a remix of “Into You” in early August.The stars all but confirmed they’re together on Sunday night, as they showed PDA while dining out in California.Photos of them kissing and otherwise being affectionate during the outing have now made their way online, and fans are sounding off.‏@Focuzon Ari_1993 enthusiastically tweeted in all caps, “I SHIP ARIANA AND MAC.LIKE THEY R GOALS.” @WERKK_ARIANAA said, “Ariana and Mac is 100% approved by me as long as she’s happy.” @prettycycogrump also approved, writing, “Ariana and Mac dating? I’m ok with this…” “Wait i actually like the thought of Ariana and mac miller i like them both i like the songs they make together ive wanted this,” shared @[email protected] argued, “if you’re not going to support what makes ARI happy just bc it doesn’t make YOU happy, unstan her. Ariana and Mac.” Others were more mixed, such as @vaporboca, who posted, “just bc i dont like the idea of ariana and mac dating doesnt mean i dont love her anymore.i came for the music and that’s why im gonna stay.” @i Be Arianator was just confused, admitting, “People talking about Ariana and Mac and there I was for a second thinking that people were talking about the brand.” And a few people expressed their displeasure.

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