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Smeet is a unique virtual world with quite a variety of communication and entertainment features for you to enjoy.

The focus of this free-to-play browser game is social interaction between you and other players. Your creativity is needed from the very beginning of the game.

Additionally, there are numerous multiplayer games such as the interactive quiz which puts you and your friends into a little healthy competition!There's nothing like a mini-game to change things up.As if that wasn't enough, Smeet makes it even easier for you to connect with your friends. That’s right, if you want to call up one of your in-game friends to meet up and have a good time, go ahead and pick up your phone and hit the town.The online game is known as an alternative reality or life simulation!You have the possibilty to do anything you like in this digital world.Everybody loves Facebook for staying in touch, but that doesn't mean you necessarily want to share family-related material with your friends and business colleagues.The solution: create a private Facebook group just for family members.You control access, you can allow whomever you like to share messages and photos with the group, and, of course, it's free.For starters, you'll need a personal Facebook account (the odds are good that you already have one — more than half of 50-plus Internet users enjoy social networking today).Be sure you understand the privacy settings used to limit who sees what you post online.You'll find these controls in the drop-down Account menu at the top far right of the page, under Privacy Settings; your options are explained in detail here.

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