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We students of legenda college mantin batch of 2000/2001, which graduated on 2004 had applied PTPTN study loan through this college and got approved. So , we have extra money after deducting all the fees.

N yet v could do nothing as we r just students…din know wat to do.. finally, early of this month, PTPTN called for a meeting, to settle this matter face to face with students, college’s ppl and PTPTN.

when come to the graduate time, the college promised to refund the balance of few K to us within half year. We went through the meeting, and some of the students are from other states, purposely travel down to attend the meeting. I wondering wat to do.this counted as a corruption? ” click here to go to the original url at my to read the complete message and some comment from other students.

We graduated on may 2004, now is mid of 2005, yet we din ……… N the conclusion was the college should refund to students the loan balance within 2 weeks times, which the exact date should be 26 of april 2005 or else the PTPTn will stop the new application of college’s new students. I know (at least)two complaint on Dataran mantin on that portal already been deleted. Probably the cencership only do screening for Dataran Mantin, not Kolej Lagenda. ) However, for play save, I also make a snapshoot on that post. Only need to click this if somehow the original complaint is deleted, of online-consumer site not accessible (which happen sometimes). Just wonder if the samething happen at Institute Putra.

On the 26 of april, one of my fren called ptptn(as the college ppl agreed to send the cheque to ptptn, n we students will take the cheque from there) , the answer return was the college person inform PTPTN that they have no money to pay…u believe it?

Born: Pecangakan, Ambarawa, 1886 Died: New York, March 8, 1943 Buried: Watu Ceper, Ambarawa Education: STOVIA (medical school) in Jakarta Work Experience: Government doctors in Demak Solo practice physician in Other Achievements: – Successfully eradicate the plague (1910) – Develop “Kartini Club” Political Activities: – Writing in the daily De Express – Established the Indische Partij (1912) – Forming a Committee of Bumiputera – Volksraad Struggle Experience: – Banished to the Netherlands (1913) – Prisoners at the city of Bandung – Banished to Banda Neira (1927) – Disposed to Ujungpandang – From Ujungpandang moved to Sukabumi, West Java – From Sukabumi moved to Jakarta Signs Award: – Star Order of Orange Nassau van from the Dutch government (the return) Respect signs: – Nominated as a National Hero – His name is immortalized as the name of the General Hospital Center for Jakarta Cipto Mangunkusumo doctor is a professional doctor who is better known as the hero of national independence.

He is a cofounder of the Indische Partij, the first party party organizations are struggling to achieve independence of Indonesia and actively participate in the Committee on Bumiputera.In addition, other active Bumiputera Committee, he also did a lot of struggles through his writings that his tone is always criticizing the Dutch government in Indonesia.Some associations are intended to arouse nationalism has also been established and cultivated.Its activities are always at odds with the Dutch made him often discarded and retained to various corners of the country and even into the Netherlands itself.Cipto Mangunkusumo initial struggle, the man born Pecangakan, Ambarawa in 1886, it started since he often wrote essays that tell about the suffering of the people due to the Dutch colonization.Essays published by the Daily Express De Dutch government considered the effort to instill hatred against the Dutch reader.When actively writing in De Express is, in fact he has worked as a government physician, in this case the Dutch government.The job he got after obtaining a diploma STOVIA (medical school) in Jakarta. And that is where he wrote essays criticizing the Dutch colonization of his breath in Indonesia.As a result of these writings, he was dismissed from his job as a government doctor.Not working as government physician hired by the Dutch government, making dr. In 1912, he was with Douwes Dekker and Suwardi Suryaningrat (Ki Hajar Dewantara) founded the Indische Partij, a political party which is the first party to strive to achieve Indonesia’s independence.When the centenary year of the independent Netherlands French colonial, Dutch colonial pemeritah in Indonesia are planning to celebrate on a large scale (in Indonesia). The Netherlands is considered not appropriate to celebrate its independence prominently in colonial countries such as Indonesia at that time.

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