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Chameleon social network dating script

Chameleon Social Networking Software is one stable, fast and secure PHP/My SQL social networking script powerful enough to function with all the unlimited features to stimulate online communication and interaction between individuals or with communities.

To create such successful sites that can attract millions of users that you can transform into your loyal customers, you need a powerful social network software or community script.Such products are what drive your marketing strategies through community sites to success. Games, blogs - These features allows users to enjoy playing together or create their own blogs as well as read other users' blogs. New Forum - This is a modified and rewritten version, complete with a full IPB Forum copy, and further optimized to cater for the community script platform. Profile comments module - This feature allows members to activate such feature, allowing their friends to leave comments on profiles. Profile color changer - This makes changing and improving colors an easy task through the palette tool. My Space Flash Profile Editor - It is one of the newest available features that the Chameleon software offers.These products can also make and break your business. RSS feeds - this enables users to publish RSS news on their respective profiles through simply copying and pasting the links. With this feature, members can easily customize their profiles according to their preference but they need to familiarize themselves first with CSS and HTML. New Admin Panel - This particular feature had been painstakingly rewritten from scratch.One of the best software products available today is Chameleon Social Networking Software and below are the features that this product can offer. This became so since many users asked for various modifications with the current admin panel.What Chameleon Software Brings to the Table Chameleon dating and community blogging software has a sophisticated array of useful features that is sure to entertain members to their delight. This gives users more flexibility as they can perform most tasks using the panel. New Shiny Templates - These are added to most packages offered to the market.It does away with the usual problems that plague dating and social scripts, like the surfacing of clones all over the web supposedly. Friend listing and organization module - members within the community can add friends in their profile. This would mean that purchasing a single script would literarily sum up to more of it since the designs are made different from each other. Easy Migration from Other Dating Sites - This is one of the best features of Chameleon.For years now, Chameleon software has evolved with unique features that make any site more enjoyable and appealing to the market. This feature allows users easy migration of information should the user decide to transfer from one host to another. Video chat - Most social network software products do no offer video chat feature, thus webmasters are obliged to spend 0 more per month to purchase a script to create video chat and maintain this feature.Here are some of the unique features that this product can offer: . Instant messenger - This feature allows users to chat with other users on the site. Thanks to Chameleon, webmasters can now easily build a cool community site with the video chat feature.These are just some of the features that Internet marketers can enjoy from Chameleon.It is clear to see why this software is gaining popularity these days and why webmasters should use Chameleon.Offering features designed to create a unique social networking site, Chameleon indeed is no ordinary social networking software.

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