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C textbox not updating

I have a Text Box on a web form that allows the user to enter a beginning seed number and an ending number.

There is a "Go" button that processes the numbers in code behind.

The code behind uses the beginning and ending textbox values to search a database and process files that are returned.

I would like to have this textbox update without re-drawwing the whole page but would also settle for a whole page re-draw in needed or easier.

However, on a complete re-draw I would like the values in Text Boxs 1 and 2 to remain. Sleep to show you the Processing Time, instead u have write a logic to process the record you could add the textbox (say Text Box3) to the form and then call Text Box3. To String() This will cause a page redraw - unless you use ajax - very easy to implement ..

hi apwbe, Here is the sample code the way i had explain before (Post ID #26419874) Try this if u get time... check out zadeveloper, I tried what you suggested but got and error: Attribute 'Text Box3. Can you provide a complete asp: Text Box4 code sample. That's not going to work as the last postback will take precedence and any previously in-progress postback will be canceled.

Text' is not a valid attribute of element 'Text Box'. Omego2K, I tried your sample just as you typed it and the program ran but the Textbox was not populated. I also palced this line in my code behind as the first line to run under the While (reader. Read()) // increase counter to get the next image set by document ID my Counter = my Counter 1; Session["Session Counter"] = my Counter; } } protected void Button2_Click(object sender, Event Args e) } **************************ption: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. d=pevb JQ6Qv1Snqc81SN2te Lr V6ouwec Xq OV9f1Nxu Eb HC2xf-Hko_IE7v CQd Z62H7PDSc J36c3m NFFo-1c Fa-RX7de JBu Rm1Wr9Gy Gjh Vi4U1&t=5d83f78d Ah now I get what you want to do. So while it's doing the Button1 click, you want the button 2 click to run. And what I said earlier stands true as well that until the postback request(sync or async) goes through entire lifecycle, no UI will be updated.

Did you try looking at the link I provided earlier where progress is updated dynamically? You would thing that someone would have a simple example for doing something like this.

guru sami, Took a look at the link you sent me and spent the last 3 hours trying to make sense of it and other similar examples and have succeded in getting very lost. Thanks, Warren arufus, Good work this is exactly what I was trying to do.It worked the first time with little change to my existing processing code , which fit in beautifully. Everyone, Thanks for the suggestions and keep up the good work.I have a subform that has check boxes and a text box that counts the number of check boxes that have been marked.A button on the main form executes code that needs the value in the text box.If I click the button before moving the cursor from the check box, the code doesn't get the updated value for the last checkbox that was checked.How do I force the subform to recalculate the text box before executing the code so it gets the value with the last text box included? I have a textbox on a webform (2.0) that has it's text property set on load to data from a sqldatareader (I read the data into a string variable, then sent the text property equal to the string variable).This is working well, except for one problem, I want to be able to type over the data in that text box, and when I hit a submit button on the form, update the data in the database that was originally set at runtime (using a sqlcommand object and a stored procedure).Basically this:1)Form opens, text box has data in it from database (i.e."Test")2)I delete "Test" text from text box, and type in "Test2"3)I hit the submit button, and through a sqlcommand object update the data on the database from "Test" to "Test2"That is how I want it to work, but no matter what I try, all I get is the original data that got populated in the text box on load.If any of that made sense, could someone please help me figure out why the data won't update when I pre-populate it from the database? Make sure that you are not loading the data again when you get a postback.

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