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Bow wow and omarion dating

Bow Wow has already had a long career in the spotlight, ermerging on the music scene as Lil Bow Wow when he was just a young teen.

Now, he's still making music and has had a long history of lovely ladies -- and is even rumored to be a dad!

In 2007 the chart-topping multi-platinum hip-hop dynamos Bow Wow and Omarion joined forces to create a collaborative album titled Face Off.The album marked the culmination of a joint collaborative process dating back to 2005, when Omarion's vocal contributions to Bow Wow's "Let Me Hold You," helped the song reach #4 on the Hot 100, giving both artists their first-ever Top 10 single.The title of the album was inspired by the 1997 film of the same name starring… Or, maybe this happened around the time he and his alleged gay lover Omarion were getting it in and didn't want to cause jealously by being around said gay barber. Cause as you know, if a gay barber touches your head, that will make you gay. But after he realized the barber was gay, according to BET, Bow Wow told him that he no longer needed a hair cut, saying he didn't want a gay barber to touch his head. During the chat, he revealed that once he was in need of a haircut and asked his people to go fetch a barber. So, Bow Wow conducted a live video chat with the few "fans" he has left yesterday.A few years ago there was a You Tube video - which was immediately pulled - showing Bow Wow and Omarion allegedly feeling up on one another and just when they were about to do the "do", the tape ended.In 2007, he ended a working relationship with mentor Jermaine Dupri.(That was just about the same time Omarion came into the picture.) Jane Doe says:"...a source in JD's camp, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, claims that the real cause for the split was that Bow Wow expressed to JD that his relationship with Omarion was more than simply musical after the two were caught engaged in a sexual activity.

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