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It's GLAAD's Bisexual Awareness Week, so we're taking some time to appreciate figures in history who are celebrated as icons of bisexuality.For many of these people, it was extremely difficult or even impossible to come out about their sexuality, and many engaged in same-sex relationships in secret, their sexuality only becoming topic of discussion years later.

It seems likely that Casanova was a man who in sex, as in life, wanted to taste all the flavours on offer." "For years, conversations with gay women and gay men didn’t make me feel like I was part of a community.There wasn’t usually intentional anger behind their words, nor were their literal words hateful, but something behind it screamed, 'you’re not gay enough'." Some refer to the influential singer songwriter as the "first 'out' rockstar", but Reed never openly referred to himself as bisexual.However, the singer's popular track, "Kill Your Sons", was about his parents forcing him into electroconvulsive therapy after he expressed his attraction to the same sex at a young age.There's plenty of stories about Reed's relationships through the '60s and '70s, with people of a range of gender identities - true or not, Reed remains an icon of bisexuality and sexual fluidity for younger generations.Biographers still debate Whitman's sexuality, but he is commonly regarded as a bisexual man.A steadfast patriot, the renowned poet is seen as a iconic voice in creating the concept of 'The American Dream' - but the homophobic nature of the United States at the time did cause Whitman grief and self-hatred.He spoke publicly of relationships with women, but also had various close relationships with men in secret.His poetry anthology “Bisexuals cop biphobia from all sides, from our own community and from’s easier to identify as lesbian than bisexual because lesbians don't get any homophobia from within the LGBTI communities.” The highest-paid and most successful American entertainer working in Europe in the 1920s, Baker also worked as a spy.She collected information on German troop locations for the French military, and her fame allowed her access to senior military leaders.When Germany invaded France, she was still able to move around due to her career, and would carry information (in invisible ink, on her music sheets) about troop concentrations, airfields, harbours, and more, which would then be transmitted to England.

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