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s more users take to online dating apps to find their soul mates, hackers are also taking advantage of the trend to target the unsuspecting suitors.

According to the latest report, "Dangerous Liaisons: is everyone doing it online?

", as many as one-in-three people globally are using an online dating service.

On the South African front, Arthur Goldstuck, World Wide Worx MD, says online dating was big in the country long before Tinder arrived on the scene.

He explains that David Burstein and Duncan Forrest started Dating Buzz in 2002, not only as a dating service but also as a white-labelled dating engine for other sites."Most major online publications here have had it running under their own brands at one time or another, including Fair Lady, Cosmopolitan and Mail & Guardian - a range that gives a sense of its broad appeal."It is also in use around the world.

There may be well over a million South Africans using one or another of these sites.

About a year ago, Ayal Belling founded Predict Dating App, which uses smart matching algorithms, and has attracted international attention."Amid the growth in popularity, Kaspersky says users face multiple risks when using online dating apps.

For example, they can be identified by finding out their names and surnames from social network profiles and can also be found in the physical world through the use of geolocation data.

Furthermore, they can lose access to their accounts, or have their personal data fall into the wrong hands, the cyber security firm says.

According to Kaspersky, a common security risk present in several applications is related to the token-based authentication method which is used by dating apps for new registration and sign-up processes.

It explains that a token is created on request by a server in order to uniquely identify the user and usually asks for access to a Facebook account.

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