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It takes all kinds of people to make this crazy world go round.

Admittedly, I've realized that hearing “no touching” from someone you have a lot of romantic enthusiasm for can be pretty confusing.

“If I can't touch you, how are we going to do this whole thing?

” I get your confusion, past and future sex partners.

How in the world do you even begin to approach a situation like this?

And, in all fairness, the men I've been upfront with about my condition have not behaved as if I were a ghastly Donald Trump supporter.

A good amount have actually been understanding, and they've attempted to navigate my quirks with respect and kindness.

But, I've found that even those with the best of intentions still somehow struggle.

Not only with how to approach me physically, but they also struggle with a general understanding of what is emotionally and mentally behind my desire to not be bombarded with physical affection.

If you can't understand what's behind it, it's always going to be hard to find the right approach. All of these things make me angry and upset or cause anxiety.

So, let's end the confusion and talk about how to approach dating someone who doesn't like to be touched. And if the aggravation continues, the fight-or-flight instinct will eventually kick in.

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