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Terry Mortenson (Ai G speaker, writer, and researcher) is in Bulgaria.As well as speaking, Terry and his host are spending hours editing his Powerpoint slides that were prepared for this trip, to ensure an exact translation.Here are just a few highlights to date from Terry’s Bulgarian tour from an email he sent me: We arrived at the university to speak for the Campus Crusade group in Varna.

We started a little late by first showing three five-minute videos about Darwin’s finches, bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and mutations in fruit flies that have been translated from an American intelligent design video.

Then I spoke for about 90 minutes (with translation). Those present were attentive and asked good questions after the lecture.

Some were non-Christians, and many were very young Christians.

We then traveled a couple of hours to Burgas, where I spoke in one of the largest churches in Bulgaria. A Bulgarian girl who spoke English and is studying at a university in Holland thanked me and said she would definitely visit our website.

Another girl told me that she had heard me when I spoke in Bulgaria in 2003.

A elderly British man, who is married to a Bulgarian and serves in the church, thanked me and commended the translator for his excellent translation of my lecture.

This lecture was also recorded on video to be shown on the church’s website.

The church provided us with a first-class accommodation in a very nice apartment in the church, and the pastor along with his wife and college-age daughter, who all spoke English, took Darin and me for dinner in a nice Bulgarian restaurant with pleasant live music.

I particularly had good conversation with the wife and daughter, answering some of their questions about creation and Genesis.

This pastor and his family really see the foundational importance of Genesis and how great the challenge of evolution is in Bulgaria.

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