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Stroker Serpentine (RL: Kevin Alderman) is the founder of Eros, LLC, a U. based company specializing in virtual world development, consulting, and marketing.

In late 2007 Alderman began development of his own adult-only 3D virtual world "Eros-3D" capitalizing on his successes with avatar eroticism and motion capture animation technology.

Alderman worked for twenty years as a third-generation residential/commercial plumbing contractor by day and dabbled in virtual worlds by night.

Alderman initially created a presence in the adult-only virtual world of Seducity as "Strker".

Motivated by the sale of virtual goods between residents and the right to retain intellectual property rights, Alderman registered a user account in Second Life in November of 2003 and created his "Stroker Serpentine" avatar.

Second Life grants residents the freedom to exchange the integral "Linden Dollar" for the tangible international currency of their choice through the "Lindex Exchange".

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This revolutionary capability has created an e-commerce phenomenon centered around the sale of user-generated content.As an early adopter of Second Life, Alderman recognized the potential for creating a career built solely around the resale of digital objects and developmental services.Benefitting from his experiences in other Internet platforms and popular e-commerce sites such as IRC, Seducity, Pay Pal and Ebay, he soon built a successful organization within the virtual space catering specifically to immersing cybersex enthusiasts in creative scenarios."Strokerz Toyz" still operates as one of the most recognized and successful outlets for adult virtual animation devices within Second Life.In May of 2006 Alderman sold his plumbing business to devote his career full time to virtual product sales, motion capture animations and cybersex evangelism."Stroker Serpentine" began his Second Life enterprise by selling virtual sunglasses in a tiny kiosk and eventually moved on to incorporating erotic animations into his creations such as digital furniture and bathroom fixtures.The popularity of his products lead to the collaborative "Sex Gen" line of cybersex oriented creations, starting with the Sex Gen bed and moving on to digital genitalia and interactive BDSM devices.Alderman purchased a Second Life server area in 2004, called a "Sim", He named it "Amsterdam" after the famed Netherlands city and turned it into one of the most popular destinations within Second Life.The virtual Amsterdam was complete with shopping and digital prostitutes, meticulously re-creating the famed Red Light District.Alderman later listed the Amsterdam simulator in March 2007 on Ebay for a sum of ,000.The Amsterdam sim was purchased by 3(a division of Netherlands-based media company Boom BV).

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