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Managing global payroll is one of the most complex tasks involved with overseas expansion.

Considering all that’s involved – complex calculations, local compliance, language and cultural differences, and reporting requirements – organizations must check a lot of boxes in order to successfully manage their international team members’ remuneration.

On top of that, there are many ways to find trouble as you attempt to set up and execute payrolls in multiple countries.

Miscommunication and delays from increasing the number of parties involved is a risk that becomes greater with each new country you add to your global footprint.

As a company increases the number of providers for global payroll, the room for errors grows exponentially.

Common problems that result from working with too many global payroll providers are payroll inaccuracies, reporting errors, and payment mistakes.

Even if things go well and mistakes are minimal, an employer with ten different providers in ten different countries may find themselves trying to maintain ten different payroll processes.

The best option to avoid these risks is to use a consolidated global payroll service – a single source that manages payroll for all of the organization’s international operations.

A single provider with a uniform process helps to completely reduce silos and make payroll less complicated, less risky, and less painful.A single-source payroll provider typically offers a well-organized system to organize the workflow, protect the client’s data and provide required reporting.Each of these elements reduces a company’s required effort into the total payroll process.Typically, all that’s required of the client/employer’s team is that they input their payroll changes, new hires, and terminations by the designated cut-off date.Once the payroll is calculated, the team simply reviews and approves the payroll register and sends the necessary funds to the payroll partner.The partner manages the rest of the process and ensures timely, accurate payments.When entering a new market, an organization must determine their legal structure and apply for an authorized legal, taxable presence in the country before making the first hire.Without proper registration, a company will often incur higher taxes and face significant liabilities.These speed bumps could have easily been avoided if they created the proper structure before starting operations.In addition, an organization needs to secure the proper employee registrations, based on your target country, before onboarding new team members.An organization absolutely should not hire and pay employees without a taxable presence and legal entity, so it’s best to get those requirements determined and approved before recruiting and onboarding new talent.

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